My name is Tali, I’m in my mid-20s &
I’m a stay at home mom taking care of a sweet baby boy (pictured in the header). When I started this blog my husband worked 7 days a week, now he has Sundays off

Between the baby, housework, and cooking, life can get simultaneously dull and insane; so I have grown to treasure naptime. Naptime is the one time of the day that is truly mine. And I have found one of the best ways to spend that time is blogging

This isn’t necessarily going to be a parenting blog, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to write about parenting. In fact I probably will. But I’m also just as likely to write about cooking, geeky stuff, law, history and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Also, as a fair warning, I struggle with some emotional/mental issues & will occasionally use this blog as an outlet for some of those issues. In those cases I will likely cuss occasionally as well as complain about my husband once in a while (because even the best job in the world has days where you wouldn’t think twice about shanking your favorite co-worker with a spork). If that’s not your cup of tea, then find another blog to read.


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