Depression (or why I stopped blogging)

So this blog is pretty much dead. And I apologize for that, whatever readers I have.
While I originally stopped blogging because of computer problems, I never got back into it because I was suffering from severe depression. Like really bad. I barely could take care of EJ, let alone myself.

But Hubby got an opportunity to go back to school in Florida (at our Alma Mater) to finish he pre-pharmacy courses. I’m quite happy to be back home, but the move was stressful and I didn’t handle it well.
But I’ve decided to take this transition as an opportunity to improve my life.
I’m getting help for my depression.
While I’m not opposed to taking medication to help, we are in a insurance gap (Hubby’s not qualified for insurance at his new job until he’s hit the 6 week mark, which is just a few weeks away) so I can’t afford medication. However studies have shown that running can help improve depression symptoms, and Hubby’s Psych professor (who was a clinical psychologist) thought running would be a great thing for me to do until I have insurance and am able to get professional help.
So, being the Disney lover that I am (and considering I’m only 3 hours from Disney World now) I’ve set myself the training goal of being able to run a RunDisney Half Marathon in 2015.
I’m tracking my training, my experiences, and my journey from depressed anti-athlete couch potato to athletic runner.
If you’d like to follow my journey check out Running Heartless, my new blog.

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