Falling in love with someone you’ve never met

I’m a HUGE fan of ABC’s The ChewI’ve been a fan since the beginning. I want nothing more than to be in the audience, or eventually be a guest on the show (my dream would be to do a segment on Absinthe myths & make some absinthe cocktails with Clinton Kelly). I absolutely adore the entire “Chew Crew”: I’ve been fans of Michael Symon & Mario Batali since their early days on Iron Chef America, and I was rooting for Carla Hall on Top Chef All Stars (admittedly as my second pick, behind Richard Blais). Clinton Kelly has helped change my life/outlook on fashion (I’m planning a blog post about it as soon as my computer is resurrected…the money should arrive this week, the parts hopefully not long afterwards) and I love him so much. And Daphne Oz and her healthy living tips/recipes are awesome.

Season 3 started today and had an awesome surprise (for anyone who didn’t see the clip that was posted on facebook a few days earlier to…I guess drum up excitement for the season premier?). Daphne announced she was pregnant!

I was so excited! I’ve been waiting for this since at least season 2, if not late season 1. I always felt a special connection to Daphne because she’s about my age and has been married only a year longer than I have. I remember being pregnant with EJ and hoping and praying she’d be announcing her pregnancy, so we had something else in common that I could listen to advice from her about.

Since I had seen the facebook post a few days earlier, I wasn’t surprised by the episode, but they didn’t show the whole discussion about the baby in the clip. In fact they cut out what, for me, was the most poignant part

When I got this [the ultrasound pictures] it was the weirdest feeling. Because it looks like a little human and its like you fall in love with this little person who you’ve never met.

That quote right there is pregnancy in a hormone coated nutshell.

I remember seeing my ultrasound at the end of my first trimester and feel the exact same way. It hits home when you can see the little head, the little arms, the little feet. At that moment its real, its powerful, its frightening, its motherhood and its beautiful. And that feeling only multiplies when you hold that precious little one in your arms for the very first time.

EJ's foot from his ultrasound

EJ’s foot from his ultrasound

Daphne also mentions that she has no idea what she’s doing. I couldn’t help but chuckle a little. I imagine for someone who seems to have life as together as she does, that feeling can be a more than a little intimidating. But the thing is, I think if every new mom was really honest, they all felt exactly the way Daphne does. Hell EJ is a year old now and I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing, and I get the feeling from a lot of the “mom mentors” I had (one of the advantages of living in a catholic town was lots of mom’s for me talk with) while expecting, that the only ones who were really sure of themselves were the ones who were expecting their 6th or 8th baby (then again they might feel just like they did with their first, but they are older and better at hiding that overwhelmed/terrified feeling).

But that’s the amazing thing about motherhood. We all start out clueless yet responsible for these helpless little lives, and somehow we all get through it and are usually better people for it.

I don’t normally get all excited about celebrities and the things happening in their lives, but for some reason (probably because she’s the kind of person I like being friends with) I’m THRILLED for Daphne. During the commercial break right after the announcement I even messaged my friend Lauren because I was so excited and I had to share it and that beautiful quote with someone (knowing I wouldn’t get to writing about it here until much later in the day)! Lauren wrote a nice piece about it for Life Action News, which can be read here.

I wish all the best for Daphne, her husband, and their precious little one!


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