Quick update

Life has been crazy.

After a month of BS we FINALLY got the leaky pipe and the moldy fallout taken care of.

Hubby has been promoted at one of his jobs, so now he has one day off a week (and he’s no longer hourly, which is a plus).

My laptop’s batter and plug bit the dust simultaneously about 2 months ago. When I’m absolutely desperate I can resurrect it using tape and tin foil, but it isn’t easy to do and is getting harder each time I do it. I should be getting replacement parts soon.

This is why my blog has been neglected. Without a computer there isn’t much I can do. Yes I know there is a wordpress app for smartphones, but blogging SUCKS when you are typing on a tiny on screen keyboard (believe me I’ve tried).

My dad has also been having some serious health problems, so I’ve been helping my family out as much as I can.

But I should in the next few weeks be able to start writing regularly again, and I plan on introducing a new section: The Naptime Kitchen. In this section I will be blogging about the various recipes I’ve created and sharing them with you my readers.

I’ve also gotten seriously addicted to getting freebees in the mail, so I think I might start a product review section where I share my thoughts on some of the products I receive samples for.

Hopefully I won’t be computerless for too much longer.

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