I don’t know what I did to piss off water, but I’m very very sorry

So we are back from vacation, but it will probably be another week at least before I get back to regular blogging.

Apparently I did something to piss of the water gods, because it has been one hell of a weekend.

The Water Closet

On Thursday (our first full day back) we discovered a leaky pipe in the wall between the hall bathroom and EJ’s bedroom (which was being used as a storage room for all the boxes we still need to unpack). The whole wall inside the carpet was soaked (as well as the carpet). Thankfully no personal belonging were ruined, though we did have a few close calls.

We called maintenance, they came and stopped the leak and sucked the water out of the carpet. They said they would be back to tear out the carpet and the drywall and to replace the pipe. Yesterday morning I went to make sure the leak had not returned. Thankfully the leak had not returned, however, mold was growing all over the wall (and likely in the floor as well). Supposedly they will be coming Monday to tear out and replace the carpet and wall. I’m not happy that I’ve had to spend the whole weekend with one room of my apartment filled with mold, but as long as they actually take care of it there is nothing I can really do.

Rain Rain Go Away

Then yesterday afternoon massive rainstorms moved in. Hubby got stranded at work for a few hours because of flooding. Then when he tried to make it home, he couldn’t because both routes to our home were still flooded. So he had to hang at my parent’s house and finally got home close to midnight.Neither our car or our apt experienced any water damage, but it was stressful for a while.

The waters have finally started to go down, but it made for a long night.

So I probably won’t be doing much blogging until all of this is taken care of.


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