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I don’t know what I did to piss off water, but I’m very very sorry

So we are back from vacation, but it will probably be another week at least before I get back to regular blogging.

Apparently I did something to piss of the water gods, because it has been one hell of a weekend.

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Naptime Blogger on Vacation


Naptime Blogger is going on vacation this week. EJ is taking his first plane flight and is going to meet his aunt and uncle for the first time. As such there might not be much in the way of blogging. But when I can I will post an update to my last late night law post, as well as posts about the trip.
You can also follow EJ’s adventures on the Naptime Blogger instagram page (Im currrently unable to post the link but you can find us by searching NaptimeBlogger)


Late-Night Law: Censorous Threats and the Streisand Effect

As I’ve said in the past, Free Speech/First Amendment issues have always been my legal fascination.

I’m also a big fan of the Streisand Effect as those two tend to be intrinsically linked. This probably comes from my propensity for schadenfreude, but its is oh so satisfying to see a sort of karma-induced justice befall censorious thugs. It is also fun, because, typically, when the censorious thugs begin to feel the full force of the Streisand Effect, instead of backing off and saying “my bad,” censorious thugs tend to double down, which only makes it worse. And by worse, I mean more entertaining.

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Parenting Advice

Ah yes, that bane of parents everywhere: Unsolicited parenting advice. Every parent has to deal with it. Some do it with more grace than others.

Now, I’m not the kind of person who hates ALL parenting advice, or even ALL unsolicited parenting advice. I’ll be the first to admit that I pretty much just wing it (and any parent who doesn’t admit that with at least their first child is lying). When I haven’t a clue what to do or even where to start, I have no qualms picking up the phone and calling my mom, or at the very least ask her the next time I see her. And occasionally she will give me advice with out me asking, but this is rare and usually only happens when she sees me struggling with something, or when it is a relevant “helpful hint” that she’s learned from raising me and my 3 siblings. And usually I’m pretty accepting of the advice she gives, even on the rare occasion that I don’t implement (or at least attempt to do so), I graciously listen to what she has to say. Same goes for advice from my Mother-in-Law, although because she lives halfway across the country, I don’t get nearly as much unsolicited advice from her, and since she’s a nurse I tend to only ask her medical related questions (but EJ is a pretty healthy baby, so that doesn’t happen too often).

I even love tip sharing with a friend of mine from AMU who also has a son. We were due on the same day (although EJ beat JJ, who came 2 days late). Since we are encountering a lot of similar problems, we laugh about those problems, and share the solutions we have found that worked with our respective sons (like a metal spoon in the fridge for teething relief).

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Late-Night Law (Sort of): Preparing for the worst

Ed. note: Since I have spend the last week and a half being sick again, I have decided to forget about the posts I have in my draft box. They weren’t that necessary, and I think its kinda pointless at this point. So we now return you to your regular scheduled blogging.

So, in about 2 weeks time, I’ll be heading up to the Pac NW with EJ and Hubby for a little vacation. We will be visiting Hubby’s family, as well as some of my friends (as I lived in the area for a few years before going to AMU).

This will be my first time flying since my junior year of college, which is to say since before I was married and had EJ.

Back before I had a permanent home in Ave, I traveled at least twice a year (Christmas Break and Summer Vacation) I never had any issues with the TSA.

But I still heard the stories

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