Family Time

Ed. note: I started this post on the 10th, but a lot happened between then and now, so I didn’t get it finished and published, so this is week is “catch up week” where I will publish all the posts I have been working on.

Last week was been a reminder for me of the importance of family time, in all forms.

Now before you get any ideas, I happen to think we do pretty good at the “family time” thing. Despite Hubby working 60+ hours a week, we always have dinner as a family (even on the nights he works till 10pm), and we have a family bedtime routine. When he gets home from work, the first thing Hubby does is take EJ and play with him for a good hour or more, then we all cuddle up on Momma and Daddy’s bed for a bit of TV time before bed. And when EJ goes to bed, Hubby and I will have some “us time” and take a shower or play Mario Party together.

I’m also blessed that my family lives about 15 minutes away (which is a nice change from the last few years, where we lived on opposite sides of the country). My mom and littlest brother (who is 11) come visit at least once a week, and I usually stop by their place for a bit on days I have the car. I don’t get to spend much time with my Dad or other siblings, but between work and school for them, that’s to be expected.

I also enjoy me and EJ times, like taking walks together, cuddling on the couch watching Blues Clues, and even napping together (which is part of why there have not been any posts recently)

But last week was special, last week was all about family time.

Midweek Weekend

Hubby had 2 days off in a row, which was awesome, especially since he hadn’t had a day off since Christmas. For the whole week before we were making list of things we would accomplish on those days. We planned to get the living room and kitchen (which were absolute disasters with dirty dishes, piled everywhere, trash littering the floor, and Cheerios, oh god, the Cheerios…) spotless, getting the dining room unpacked, and actually unpacking the trunk of clothes into our closet and dresser (instead of just digging out what we needed when we needed it).

Almost none of that happened.

This happened instead:

wpid-CAM00025.jpg wpid-CAM00037.jpg wpid-CAM00039.jpg wpid-CAM00042.jpg

Family Video Game Day!

Now we didn’t actually spend the whole 2 days playing video games, but we spent the whole time screwing off and having fun as a family. We did actually get the kitchen cleaned, but it was promptly dirtied making home-made baguettes and cheddar biscuits, and from-scratch Shrimp Po-Boys. EJ loves to be in the kitchen cooking, so we all had a good time. We might not have accomplished anything we planned to do, but as Brad Paisley would say, it was “Time Well Wasted.”

Momma and Me day

During the fall/winter the Houston Zoo has free admission on the first Tuesday of each month. Since December I’ve been planning on going with different people, but for various reasons the plans always fell through. So this month I made plans with my mom and youngest brother, and declared it “Momma and Me Day” It was a perfect day for everyone. I got to take EJ out and about, which is something He doesn’t get much of since Hubby takes the car to work; we spend pretty much every day at home. I got to spend time with my mom, my little brother got to explore the Zoo (he and my mom spent about 20 minutes watching the Grizzly Bear together, which was really special for him), and my mom got to spend a bunch of time with her grandson. AND I GOT TO SEE CHEETAHS (the cheetah has been one of my favorite animals for as long as I can remember) It was just an overall good day.

Watching the River Otters

Watching the River Otters

EJ with the Cheetah Statue

EJ with the Cheetah Statue



It was a full day

It was a full day

Date Night

Then on Thursday my sister came over to babysit EJ so Hubby and I could do something we hadn’t done in a VERY long time. We went on a date. While we weren’t celebrating any special occasion, it was a very special evening. We went to the Houston Ballet’s performance of The Rite of Spring. Before we got married, most of our dates were high-culture. When we were in college, we would often go to the opera, or the symphony, or something of the like. We also both have a fascination with The Rite of Spring in particular, as we studied the ballet in our 20th Century European History class. I’ll spare you the history lesson this time (I’ll probably write a post about it in May, when it celebrates its 100th anniversary), but if the name sounds familiar it is the ballet that caused a riot on its opening night in 1913.

We had a wonderful time, and I would guess EJ had a good time with his aunt, as she told me he hardly cried. This was awesome, as it was our fist time leaving Elliot with a babysitter and we weren’t sure how he was going to handle being away from both Momma and Daddy for a long period of time.

And thus ended the week of family time. It served as a good reminder of how much I love my family.

What kinds of things special things do you do for family time? Share in the comments!


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