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Family Time

Ed. note: I started this post on the 10th, but a lot happened between then and now, so I didn’t get it finished and published, so this is week is “catch up week” where I will publish all the posts I have been working on.

Last week was been a reminder for me of the importance of family time, in all forms.

Now before you get any ideas, I happen to think we do pretty good at the “family time” thing. Despite Hubby working 60+ hours a week, we always have dinner as a family (even on the nights he works till 10pm), and we have a family bedtime routine. When he gets home from work, the first thing Hubby does is take EJ and play with him for a good hour or more, then we all cuddle up on Momma and Daddy’s bed for a bit of TV time before bed. And when EJ goes to bed, Hubby and I will have some “us time” and take a shower or play Mario Party together.

I’m also blessed that my family lives about 15 minutes away (which is a nice change from the last few years, where we lived on opposite sides of the country). My mom and littlest brother (who is 11) come visit at least once a week, and I usually stop by their place for a bit on days I have the car. I don’t get to spend much time with my Dad or other siblings, but between work and school for them, that’s to be expected.

I also enjoy me and EJ times, like taking walks together, cuddling on the couch watching Blues Clues, and even napping together (which is part of why there have not been any posts recently)

But last week was special, last week was all about family time.

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