Mommy Moment

Do you ever have one of those moments where you are doing something and, while the circumstances that lead to the moment make it perfectly rational, you can’t help but think “I hope (or am glad that) no one will walk in on this, because it would be really awkward.” I had one of those moments the other day. While I wouldn’t have wanted to explain myself at that moment, it was comical enough that I can look back and laugh now.

Before I begin though, I do have to give a TMI warning. When you have kids, talking about pooping, puking and other bodily functions becomes common place, and when around other parents, sharing stories about such things is common place. So this warning is more for those without kids than anyone else.

So a bit of background. This week EJ’s second tooth started coming in, so he has been a little bit miserable. When he cuts a tooth there tends to be 1-2 days where he decided teething means not sleeping (followed by 1-2 days of doing nothing but sleeping). This was one of those days. So not only was EJ hurting from his tooth, but he was also tired; making this a perfect storm of misery.

How To Be a Dad is one of my favorite websites. Back in December they wrote one of my favorite posts: Bathroom Privacy in which they liken being a parent to being a member of the crew from Alien


“There’s a creature whose sole mission is find and attack you. Sound familiar?

Sure, you’re just trying to take a pee, but these little buggers are gonna find you. No matter what. They will scratch, then bang on the door. They will test every structural and emotional weakness until they get to you. You’re just trying to get a little “me” or “wee” time.”

It is so true. But since I’m home alone with a 7 month old, I don’t even assume I’ll get privacy to go to the bathroom. EJ is just old enough to get into trouble, so if he doesn’t want to stay in his jumperoo I’ll either bring him into the bathroom with me, or I’ll leave him with some toys somewhere that I can see him with the bathroom door open.

So EJ was sitting outside the bathroom playing with his toys. I had been constipated and finally felt like I could get some relief. The next thing I knew EJ had crawled into the bathroom with me. Thankfully he was able to entertain himself, so I could concentrate on pooping. Then disaster struck. He started crawling toward me, and he tripped over his hands and bonked his head on the ground.

It wasn’t a very far fall, but the ground was hard and you could hear the thud (he had a little goose-egg for about an hour afterward). Even if he hadn’t been tired and teething, he probably would have cried; but because of both of those factors, to him the world was ending. So of course, I picked him up and tried to comfort him. The easiest way to calm him down in a situation like this is to sing to him while rubbing/kissing whatever hurts.

Unfortunately, this happened at the exact moment that my bowels finally decided to evacuate. So I’m sitting there on the toilet with my pants at my ankles, holding a crying baby on my lap, singing “If All the Raindrops Were Lemon Drops and Gum Drops” while pooping and kissing his forehead.

I can only imagine how ridiculous of a sight it must have been. And I am ever so thankful that no one was able to witness that sight.

But that is the life of a Mommy, always there when your child needs you, no matter what you are in the middle of.

Mommy moments are those that you don’t necessarily cherish when they happen (believe me, I would have given anything to poop alone), but you can’t help but smile looking back at it; they are the type of moments that when you realize they don’t happen anymore, you almost miss them.

I for one am going to treasure them while they are here.


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