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The Naptime Blogger: Late-night Law Edition

After dark, the Naptime Blogger stops being the thoughts and stories of a nerdy stay-at-home mom, and assumes its alter ego as a badass legal blog.

Or something like that.

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Mommy Moment

Do you ever have one of those moments where you are doing something and, while the circumstances that lead to the moment make it perfectly rational, you can’t help but think “I hope (or am glad that) no one will walk in on this, because it would be really awkward.” I had one of those moments the other day. While I wouldn’t have wanted to explain myself at that moment, it was comical enough that I can look back and laugh now.

Before I begin though, I do have to give a TMI warning. When you have kids, talking about pooping, puking and other bodily functions becomes common place, and when around other parents, sharing stories about such things is common place. So this warning is more for those without kids than anyone else.

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Some Thoughts on the Superbowl

I’m a sports fan, and even though my sport of choice is Baseball, I watch the Superbowl with more regularity than I do the World Series. There are 2 reasons for this. First, the Superbowl is one single game on one night, so its easy to make the time to watch; while the World Series is a minimum of 4 games, and as many as 7, so watching all the games are time-consuming, especially if you couldn’t care less about the teams that are playing (although it’s totally worth it if your team is playing).

Second, when I was growing up the Superbowl was like a holiday, and was the official end of the winter holiday season. It was the last time for many months that we would cook up a bunch of junk food and make a meal out of it. Wings of various flavors, potato skins, Totino’s Pizza rolls, various chips and dips, countless deep-fried things… I could go on. As a kid (and a food lover) these items were the one of the best parts of winter, as meals consisting of them and all the soda we could drink (when I was young, we did not drink a lot of soda at my house. Not including the holidays, we only drank soda if we were having pizza or happy meals) only happened on Christmas, New Years Eve, and the Superbowl. So even when I didn’t understand anything that was happening on the screen (I finally started learning/understanding football around 10 years old), I ALWAYS looked forward to the Superbowl. Continue reading

Rules for Putting a Baby to Bed

Tonight my husband re-learned the rules for putting a baby to bed. Or at least I hope he did. So, through the narrative of tonight disastrous bedtime I will share my rules with you.

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